Special Baggage

Luggage and June's crate at JFK

Luggage and June’s crate at JFK

Bringing a dog to Israel is more difficult than a person. After countless forms, rabies tests, US government documents and vet certificates, we were ready to go.  I was traveling with my 60 pound Lab mix, June. I was anxious about traveling with her on such a long flight. We spent hours at JFK together. First waiting to check in at El Al (where people wanted to say hi to her). Then we had to wait until an hour before the flight for TSA to inspect her crate (which she didn’t enjoy) and then finally, she was wheeled away on a cart down a crowded hallway, barking at everyone as she anxiously left me.

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion, I was told that she would be in the special baggage area. After hours of paperwork, I finally arrived to the baggage claim area and quickly went to “special baggage.”

This turned out to merely be an area next to a luggage carousel at the back of the mammoth hall. June’s lone crate was just plopped on the floor, surrounded by tons of ordinary seemingly owner-less suitcases.  Not a person in site to watch over her and just lots of curious people poking their heads at her crate. I excitedly went up to her crate where she was curled up and softly called her name. She got up, whimpered and scratched the crate with her paw, as if saying, get me out of this crate and airport!


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