Green and Other Bikes


Photo c/o Google images

After living in Los Angeles for many years, I love living in a city where I do not need a car! My main forms of transportation are by foot, communal city bikes and bus. The communal city bikes, Tel-O-Fun, are neon green bikes dotting corners throughout the city.  They’re clunky, squeaky and I love them because they are everywhere and I don’t have to worry about it getting stolen since they belong to…everyone! Though they aren’t as cool or as fast as the electric bikes that many more people ride (and are a threat to the green bike system!).

Regarding bikes: Initially, I didn’t understand at first why most bike lanes are ON the SIDEWALK! (mind you, this doesn’t include all of the scooters that are parked on the sidewalks and seem to also take liberty to drive on the sidewalks at times).

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Israeli Post

Dealing with the Israeli post in many ways reminds me of the US–long lines, slow service. Except there are a few differences. First, our local post office has out sourced package delivery to a local ICE CREAM shop.  Yes, instead of getting packages at the post office, they are available in a closet at an ice cream shop.
ice creamisraelpost

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