Israeli Post

Dealing with the Israeli post in many ways reminds me of the US–long lines, slow service. Except there are a few differences. First, our local post office has out sourced package delivery to a local ICE CREAM shop.  Yes, instead of getting packages at the post office, they are available in a closet at an ice cream shop.
ice creamisraelpost

Also, in case the postal delivery man sees you, he or she will often ask if you can deliver a package to a neighbor in your building (assuming it’s not at the ice cream shop). My mom sent me a package that took about 2 months to arrive. I went to the post office to find out where it was. After awhile, I was told, “it’s in Israel but we don’t know where.” To make a long story short, I retrieved it (wet and soggy) at the local customs office after visiting 6 lines (3 the same ones, twice). So, please don’t send me anything, nor expect me to mail anything to you!

The red sign is the post office logo.

The red sign is the post office logo.

May 2016: An update to this poist: I recently received another package that was available for pick up at a nearby cell phone store. Ironically, though I received a note about the package at the cell store a few days ago, it actually hasn’t arrived yet.



2 thoughts on “Israeli Post

  1. That is soon awesome!!! I was afraid THAT that Israel no longer existed… and I am so happy that it does! And you can get an ice-cream while waiting for your mail!!! How cool is that!!!


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